Ultrabright 1000 Solar Lamp for reading...

The Ultrabright 1000 Solar Lamp will give you 50 lumens for three hours and more of continual use on a single charge.

This light is much brighter than a solar landscape light.

  • The Ultrabright 1000 Solar Lamp  is a pocket-sized, multi-use
    LED illumination product for wide-area dispersement of
    light for emergency, or domestic use.
  • The UB1K puts out 50 lumens of light in a 130 degree wide pattern,
    mimicking an overhead light-bulb for areas with no
    electric access.
  • The UB1K uses a Nokia mobile phone
    battery for charge storage and has solar as well as
    grid charging options.

The Ultrabright 1000 Solar Lamp is small enough to include in your Bug-out-Bag/72 hour emergency pack.

  • Use it as the main light in your tent or shelter.
  • Charge it each day for use at night.
  • Eliminate the need for disposable short life batteries.
  • Make sure friends and family are prepared with a light of their own

The cost of the Ultrabright 1000 Solar Lamp is only $39.94 (which includes shipping) to anywhere in the continental United States.

This solar lamp is not a landscape light. It is a reading light that provides 50 lumens of light. The photovoltaic panel charges the battery even in rainy/cloudy weather. It provides 3+ hours of light.
Nokia Mobile Compatible Charger

See Short Video of Solar Light

Ultrabright 1000 Solar Lamp: $39.94 (includes shipping)

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