Survivor with a stove pipe allowing it to be used in a tent, cabin etc..

by Julian
(Columbus, TX)

Why don't you make a Survivor with a stove pipe allowing it to be used in a tent or cabin. Am I wrong in assuming the Survivor method of feeding fuel in the combustion chamber is superior to the top load of the Hunter as far as continuous use is concerned?


Thank you for your question, it's a good one.
I can see your reasoning for such a feature on the Survivor to make it useable indoors, but I am not sure the manufacturer could do such a thing without a major change, or redesign of the Survivor in order to add a chimney/pipe.
That may have been the reason that they produced the Hunter model so that it would have the inherent ability to vent smoke/gases. But, of course, as you noted the Hunter does not have the same fuel feeding method as the Survivor does by feeding fuel from below.

Maybe their solution would be to change (or add) the fuel feeding method of the Silverfire Hunter to be similar to that of the Survivor.

I think the Survivor was designed in its function just to be a regular rocket stove like the majority of other rocket stoves that are available on the market.

I can try and find out from the manufacturer if such enhancements would be possible or feasible on the Survivor model, and find out why or why not.

Thanks for the question.


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Feb 18, 2014
Different uses and capabilities of different stoves
by: Todd


Your customer fails to recognize several facts. The Survivor and Super Dragon do not have chimneys and although they reduce emissions around 80% they do not have chimneys and are designed for well ventilated spaces & outdoor use only. The reality is I do burn all my stoves under an emissions hood, in a fireplace, or outdoors. When ever you see any yellow flame it is indicating carbon, and there is some CO present. Therefore only a stove with a chimney is an option for indoor use.

The Hunter chimney stove is a TLUD, a top lit up draft stove. TLUD's burn cleaner & faster than rocket stoves (primary ventilation only, designed rocket stoves). Now the Survivor does happen to be the only rocket stove in the world at this time designed with both primary & secondary designed ventilation, and it is unique.

The Hunter batch loaded (top load feed) is in fact superior to the side fed rocket stove. A batch fed stove does not need to be monitored, and a rocket stove must be monitored at all times. Your customer is wrong and their assumptions are incorrect. Since the Hunter can run on twigs for 2 & 1/2 hour or hardwood for 4 hours, why do they feel their is a limitation with the Hunter.

If I forget to soak beans before cooking I may have to cook for extended periods. If I soak beans overnight I can cook any dish any 40 minutes or less. Since the Hunter can burn for such extended periods unattended, why does your customer think a side fed rocket stove that needs constant monitoring think that there is an advantage with a rocket stove design? The comment is not logical.



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