Survival Cooking Wares and other needful things.

Survival Cooking Wares that are efficient, durable and, most of all, practical will make a big difference in how well you are able to comfortably endure your situation and how long you are able to persevere in the face of difficulties that will most assuredly be your constant companion.

You don't want gear, or even cookware for that matter, that will not produce and perform as you need them to in  difficult and demanding conditions.

Time is of an essence in survival and disaster situations and it will very often dictate how well and how often you will be able to cook your emergency foods that you have stored for just these times and purposes.

Fast and efficient is a key factor in preparing healthy and sustainable meals for yourself and those with you in your challenging situation.

Cooking with the means to accelerate the process is challenging when all you have is an open fire, but this can be overcome to a degree by using a pressurized cooking vessel.

Pressure cookers come in all sizes and styles and many are built just for those situations and conditions that are not ideal, such as when you are in the backcountry and/or when you can carry only a very little in way of equipment due to an emergency evacuation.

Halulite Pressure Cookers

5.7 Liter Capacity

Highest Quality manufacture and materials

    Compact and Portable
    Speeds up cooking process, greatly reducing the time to cook.
    For use with a high temperature parabolic cooker, will not work as pressure in a solar oven or panel cooker.
    Will work with a quality rocket stove

    High-performance, non-reactive, hard anodized aluminum.
    Triple safety system locks lid until all pressure has dissipated.
    Independent release valves prevent over-pressurization.
    Reduces Cooking time by up to 66%

5.7L $76.95 (Includes shipping)

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Halulite 2.7 Liter Capacity

2.7 L $56.95 (includes shipping)

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WAPI (Water Pasteurization Indicator)

...New and Improved Stainless Steel Design

Diseases that are spread through contaminated water cause 80% of illnesses in the world.

Heating water to 65 C or 149 F(Fahrenheit) makes it free from disease organisms, such as germs ,parasites, cysts, and viruses-so it is safe to drink. This process is called pasteurization.

If you put a WAPI in water when you heat it, it tells you later if the water has been pasteurized -even if the water has already cooled. The WAPI is a sealed tube with special soy wax inside that melts at 149 F. Melting of the wax is actually a little above pasteurizing temperature after the heat penetrates the tube. The WAPI is ideal for use with a solar cooker.

    Reusable, long lasting and compact.
    Can be used to test pasteurization levels of water any where you may be, using any form of heating, even over open fires.
    Great for the outdoors man and preparedness specialist

$6.50 Includes shipping

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Survival Cooking Wares are not just pots/pans, but come also in the form other fuel burning devices such as stoves that use gas, wood, charcoal and other biomass fuels.

And there are some cooking apparatuses that use no expendable fuels such as solar cookers and heat retention, or thermal box cookers.

See our line of Solar Cookers

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