Cantinawest Survival Living

Cantinawest Survival was started as an ongoing extension of our popular solar cooking website, Solar Cooker at Cantinawest. (Link opens in a new window.)

We are working to make a positive impact on the lives of as many people as we are able to, through our efforts and our suggestions at living in a responsible and sustainable way.

Also by addressing the needs of an ever-increasing demand to be more self-sufficient and prepared for eminent disaster, survival living, and emergency situations.

We believe that those who are most self-sufficient and prepared will be able to shift the burden of responsibility from their local governments and resources, to be able to better rely upon their own abilities and resources.

Thus they will become a help, rather than a hindrance, in times of disaster or emergency.

There are many resources available to the public on how to become better prepared for emergency and disaster situations and we will do our best to bring you those resources, whether through website links to reputable and comprehensive information sources, as well as our own experiences, reviews, thoughts and suggestions on the subject.

Following is a list of very helpful websites that provide information on Emergency Preparedness, as well as sustainable and survival living: Communities- The National Preparedness Community: A very good resource for networking and building a cooperative community of effort.

Believe it or not, Pinterest has become a go-to site for everything related to preparedness and survival, at least in a visual or pictorial way. Most of the photos do link to many great sites and blogs that are very comprehensive and all encompassing preparedness/survival sites. Much of the time the photos are helpful enough to show the preparedness intent or idea just through the visual alone.

Here are some I have been impressed with:

Pinterest Preparedness

Pinterest Survivalist

And we like some of these blogs on disaster and emergency preparedness.

Poverty Prepping

About the Cantinawest Family

Meet the Cantinawest Survival Living family!

At Cantinawest Survival, we will share our own knowledge and abilities, along with those of other experts on the major points, topics and issues involved in Survival skills and Emergency Preparedness.

We'll also touch upon living a more sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle. We feel that each of these areas, or subjects, go hand-in-hand and complement, enhance and strengthen one another.

We are located in the Sunny Southwest Corner of Utah, in St. George, about an hour and a half north of Las Vegas, Nevada.

We have raised our family here for the last 20 years and have been in business for ten years in our local community, as well as the online community we have grown to be such a part of.

If you would like to contact us with any questions, concerns or comments, or with requests for new topics for our web editors to begin researching for you, please do so at:
Phone: 435-319-6853

Thank you,

Nathan Parry (owner)
And the Staff at Cantinawest Survival

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