SilverFire Survivor Rocket Stove

Introducing the SilverFire® Survivor Rocket Stove ; 2nd Generation.

This state of the art clean cook stove is durable, fun, and fast.  

  • Our SilverFire Survivor uses minimal fuel, producing little emissions or smoke.  
  • The advanced design is intended for improved efficiency and durability.
  • Compare our superior quality to other brands of rocket stoves, and draw your own conclusions.
Silverfire Survivor Rocket Stove

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  • Lightweight fiber insulation of our SilverFire Survivor Rocket Stove  is superior to extruded clay combustion chamber insulation, due to the increased durability and significant reduction in stove weight. 
  • The cast iron top and rugged stainless steel body ensures durability and long stove life. 
  • Cooking in an emergency, or for recreation, or everyday cooking requires just twigs or a little flammable field scrub. 
  • This is all it takes to boil large volumes of water for drinking, cooking, or sanitizing cookware.


The former founder of the StoveTecRocket Stove  improved upon Aprovecho’s stove design shortcomings, incorporated Dr. Larry Wininarski’s input, and partnered with the World’s leading biomass and bio-gas product manufacturer to bring these new advanced patented technologies forward into our SilverFire line.   These design improvements address the quality and design shortcomings found in other biomass rocket stoves. 


Cheap clay stoves and extruded combustion chambers are heavy and fragile.  Thin, mild, cold rolled steel stove bodies are subject to oxidation and limit stove life.  Our 2nd Generation stove, the SilverFire Rocket Stoves, represents numerous technological innovations, incorporating both primary and secondary airflow to improve combustion, thermal efficiency, reduce fuel use, and lower emissions.  


The SilverFire Survivor is a portable, fast, fun, outdoor stove.  It features a large rectangle combustion chamber that accepts uniform fuel insertion, rather than the common round clay chamber that restricts lateral fuel access.  The custom black stainless steel door is utilized in the closed position while cooking.  This retains more heat in the chamber for more complete combustion and improves safety and ember control.   Many National Parks require self contained stove designs and open stove designs may result in the user being fined.


Stove operation is simple.  Add paper or other small tinder to ignite small twigs, sticks, yard scrub, or other flammable biomass.  These stoves have been successfully used in locations scarce in fuel, such as in the Pacific Islands where only palm fronds or small pieces of coconut shell are available.  This stove is designed for minimal sized fuel, small thin fuel pencil thick fuel is ideal.  Keep twigs or other thin fuel very close together to maximize efficient biomass gas combustion. 

After igniting tinder simply meter fuel towards the rear of the combustion chamber.  Keep door closed except when metering or loading fuel into stove.  Open stove door with a stick or twig only, to prevent burning fingers.  As soon as the stove is lit and flames are observed start cooking, no time is required to start, unlike with cooking with charcoal.  


Many third world countries populations cook everyday  using man made charcoal. Producing this charcoal creates pollution both during the production process as well as during the cooking process.  Global deforestation due to third world charcoal production is an unsustainable environmental disaster.   70% to 80% of the energy of wood is wasted during the charcoal production process and the yield is 4 to 1.  Only 1 piece of charcoal is obtained from every 4 pieces of wood used during charcoal production.  Charcoal is very inefficient for boiling large volumes of water for emergency use, recreation, or daily cooking.


Everyday over 3 billion people in the developing world cook food on open fires or on inefficient cook stoves fueled by coal, charcoal, or solid biomass.  This jeopardizes human health, contributes to household & community air pollution, and impacts environmental devastation by depleting forests and increasing soil erosion. 4 million premature deaths occur every year due to exposure from toxic smoke emissions. Consequently women and children are disproportionately impacted by household air pollution.

  • A Silver Fire Survivor Rocket Stove is also a great tool for camping, survival and emergency preparedness.

When fuel is scarce and your resources are limited in times of disaster or emergency you can know that a clean burning, high efficiency rocket stove will be able to provide your cooking and potable water needs without a problem.

SilverFire’s mission as a leading designer of clean cook stoves is to protect humans from the health and environmental impact of inefficient cook stoves and fuel use.  

Please contact us for any questions at 435-862-1708 Time Zone, Monday through Saturday 8:00AM – 5:30PM. 

We are introducing 2 new portable indoor / outdoor wood / biomass stoves and currently offer 4 fixed chimney cabin cook stoves on our website.  Our ultra light and compact (9 oz x 2.5” tall x 5” wide) SilverFire Scout, is scheduled to be released later in the year.   It is perfect companion for recreational backpackers and bug out bags.  Numerous SilverFire Stove options, such as custom cookware, stove bags, and other options are pending release.

Our current introductory pricing includes free shipping to the lower 48 states.  Please contact us regard shipping charges to AK, HI, PR, or other International destinations.


 We double box all SilverFire product shipments for ground transportation to your door, however we cannot control ship times or how shipments are handled.  If there is ever an issue though, please give us a call and we will do our best to make you happy.  We stand behind our products.

SilverFire Survivor Rocket Stove Quick Statistics:

  • Stove Weight 12.5 lb. / 5.68 kg                       
  • Stove Height:  12.5” / 25 cm
  • Cast Iron Cook Top Diameter:  9 ¼” / 18 cm
  • Shipping Dimensions:  13” x 13” x 15” tall / 26 cm x 26 cm x 30 cm tall
  • Shipping Weight Approximately 17 lb. / 7.71 kg

Silver Fire Survivor- Rocket Stove 

Our price $149.95 (includes shipping in continental USA)

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SilverFire Hunter Rocket Stove

SilverFire Hunter

Introducing the SilverFire® Hunter, a lightweight, portable natural draft chimney stove designed for both indoor & outdoor use!  The Hunter is a top lit updraft gasifier (TLUD), powered by twigs, yard scrub, or any flammable biomass.  TLUD’s stoves utilize a batch fed combustion chamber. 

It is simple to operate:

  • Vent the chimney outdoors to eliminate all household emissions. 
  • Insert vertical positioned fuel into the combustion chamber; next place a little tinder on top and light!  
  • To fine tune your flame adjust the ventilation door at the bottom of the stove.  That’s all there is to it! 

The portable SilverFire® Hunter model opens up a new frontier in biomass clean cook stoves.  You now have the capacity to eliminate all household emissions!

Our Hunter may be the most important emergency or disaster stove you could own, since you cannot plan when a disaster may strike.  Outdoor Rocket Stoves & TLUD stoves without chimneys are fun and convenient to use in warm weather, but it is a different scenario in a real disaster and in poor weather.  

The option to cook inside is very important, but at the same time to be able eliminate all household emissions to protect your family's health is critical.  It may not be safe to go outdoors and the ability to cook indoors is important. 

SilverFire Hunter with chimney

The Sivlerfire  Hunter gives you the ability to cook indoors under shelter, and is a key advantage over stoves without chimneys.  Most rocket stoves & TLUDs sold do not have chimneys and are designed for outdoor use only.  And most TLUD designs are faster cooking and cleaner burning than many rocket stoves.

The Silverfire Hunter is easy to light, easily adjusted, lightweight, and cooks very rapidly.  Thin, tight packed fuel produces a very rapid boil.  In the event you want to slow the cooking process down (e.g. slow cooking with cast iron) add thicker, dense fuel into the combustion chamber.  Dense material takes longer to burn, making it ideal for slow cooking.  Combustion in the Hunter produces very little smoke or soot, if using dry fuel.

TLUD technology has been around for over 100 years.  Primary air passes through your fuel as it combusts in the combustion chamber and becomes carbon monoxide gas.  The carbon monoxide gas is then burned and mixed with the preheated secondary air, above the fire.  The secondary air combustion appearance is like a gas stove and is know as a "Chinese burner".  The end result of your biomass fuel is to produce minimal amounts of ash, soot, and bio-char, which is required to be removed from the stove after cooking for maximum stove performance.

The 3 inch chimney consists of an elbow piece that inserts into the back of the stove, and four individual stacking sections.  Most hardware stores carry standard off-the-shelf 3 inch chimney pipe & elbows to configure your specific installation requirements. 

  • Double walled, insulated chimney pipe not required. 
  • Refer to chimney installation recommendations for specific tent stove application.
  •   Keep hot chimney away from nylon or other low melting point fabrics. 

The SilverFire Hunter is especially suited for use in tents that are built for camp stoves that use a stovepipe. This will allow for much warmth while at the same time convenient cooking in bad weather.

Hunter Quick Stats:

  • Cooking Fire Power:  ≥ 1.5 KW
  • Thermal Efficiency: ≥ 35% (StoveTec/EcoZoom 30%)
  • Emissions Concentration (smoke):  ≤ 25mg / m3
  • SO2 ≤ 20mg / m3
  • NOx:  ≤ 120mg / m3
  • CO:  ≤ 0.1%

  • Stove Weight:  14.5 lbs / 6.59 kg
  • Dimensions:  12” square x 16” tall  / 30.5 cm x 40.6 cm tall
  • Double boxed shipping carton:  21 lbs / 9 kg
  • Dimensions:  14” square x 18” tall / 35.6 cm x 45.7 cm
SilverFire Hunter Rocket Stove

SilverFire Hunter

Our price $179.95 (includes shipping in continental USA)

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We carry a number of cooking devices for preparedness and survival on our website and we try to offer only the best products available. We base this on our own as well as others experiences and results with these same products.

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