Emergency heat in power outage

by Brandy

Silverfire Hunter for indoor and outdoor use

Silverfire Hunter for indoor and outdoor use


I just wanted to know if you made a rocket stove that could be used indoors without ventilation in an emergency situation if the power was out indefinitely. I am mainly concerned with something that would put out some heat, but it would be great to cook with as well.


Greetings Brandy, and thank you for your question.

As far as I have ever known there is no "rocket stove" that can be used indoors due to the ventilation issue. None of the truly portable rocket stove styles are designed to vent smoke and carbon dioxide outside of a dwelling. They are strictly outdoor emergency and cook stoves.

There are stove designs though that are similar in function and that can be used indoors for cooking because they come with a chimney/pipe that can be set up to vent emissions, and they are very efficient like the rocket stoves because they are a TLUD (top lit updraft gasifier).

These TLUD's are great for cooking indoors because of the venting chimney, but these cookers are very well insulated for efficiency and so they do not generate a lot of radiated heat output like a traditional wood stove does. Nevertheless these do produce some heat, just don't expect a lot.

We carry one compact stove that could serve the purposes you are seeking in the form of our Silverfire Hunter model which you can find on this page below the Survivor model.
Silverfire Hunter

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