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Survival Gear List, Reviews, Advice and Products

Survival gear is rapidly becoming an essential addition to every family home. It was once considered a borderline-paranoid luxury of the few, but attitudes towards preparedness are quickly evolving.

Climate change, natural disasters, political and social unrest have all contributed to bring the idea of emergency preparedness into the mainstream.

More and more families are setting aside time and money to prepare for unforeseen crises. Even an optimist should see the common sense in securing emergency food, a means to filter drinking water, and an alternative power supply.

You don't need to fear the worst. But it makes sense to prepare for it, just in case.

What Should Be On Your Survival Gear List?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to that question. A lot depends on where you live.

Here are some examples of how to assess your requirements:

  • A city dweller in a relatively stable country might want to prepared for a lengthy power outage, rioting, terrorist acts, a breakdown in the food supply chain, or problems with municipal water supply.
  • Somebody who lives in a hurricane corridor should create a hurricane preparedness kit, storm-proof their home, and drill their family members on the ABCs of hurricane survival.
  • Homeowners in flood-prone areas have different survival gear requirements from people worried about living on a major earthquake fault line.
  • Almost anybody who lives rurally or semi-rurally might be interested in learning a little about survival gardening.

If you have space, and are really concerned about a serious future breakdown in Western living standards, then you can construct a survival shelter.

Stock it with plentiful essentials, plus emergency currency (or an alternative, such as small-value gold and silver coinage), and survival firearms.

Who Can You Trust?

We're happy to help you transition from curious, or concerned, citizens into full-on survivalists. No matter what your skill set, Cantinawest is here to help you learn and invest in the survival skills and equipment your family may rely on one day.

Cantinawest has established itself as an authority in solar cooking (please take a moment to visit our other site here), and we're passionate about survival topics.

But we won't rest on our laurels. In addition to working hard to keep our own skills and knowledge up to date, we'll call on recognized experts in the field to share their own tips and advice for you.

One of the keys to survival is helping like-minded people in need. To that end, we'd be delighted to hear your own hints and tips about any of the topics on this website, or reviews of relevant survival gear products.

Please click here to help others to help themselves.

To your family's security,

Nathan Parry
Editor, Cantinawest Survival

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